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Camera not Working on Android phone

Camera Not Working on Android phone – 8 Tips to Fix

Why is my Camera not working on android phone Many times, the mobile cameras of android phones have a problem, and they stop working, causing us inconvenience. Whether it is an android...

Why is iPhone Camera not Working: What should I do?

Why is My iPhone Camera not Working? iPhone is a sign of pure perfection as this smart appliance carries unique features, various functions, gleaming designs, and modern-day technology, which are created by...

How to Fix iPhone Storage Almost Full Notification

iPhone is one of the known and top-selling mobile phones in the world. It has top-class camera results, You also can position your beloved songs to escort your daily sports, You...

How to Fix iPhone keep saying searching for the network?

Today you will be discovering the most effective answers and workarounds used to address a difficulty at the iPhone mobiles, wherein the iPhone tool shows a No Service or Searching for...

How to capture screenshot on Chromebook

Most people are familiar with the process involved in taking a screenshot whilst using the Windows operating system or the macOS. However, the process of taking a screenshot on the Chromebook...

Best Tips to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning on and off

If an iPhone keeps turning on and off repeatedly it’s a big sign that there is some problem in the internal hardware or software. Most of the users who have faced...

iPhone Home Button is Not Working – Quick Fix

iPhones have full menu options that you can navigate through to explore some settings and adjust operating apps. And if you are confused about what to do next home is the...