Screen mirroring/casting to Samsung tv from iPhone, iPad, computer etc.

Hey are you dealing with screen mirroring issues?  Unaware of its objective and use in today’s world? Then you are at the right place my friend. Here you will find all the possible solutions to your technical issues.

Screen Mirroring Wireless Display

Previously when you wanted to connect your Tv with your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, you had to connect them with an HDMI cable or adapter, and not to forget, your laptop should have an HDMI port; otherwise, you cannot link.

Fast-forwarding to today, the screen mirroring technology has solved this problem with its wireless display, but what is screen mirroring?

With the screen mirroring wireless display, you can connect your devices to tv without the connectivity of wires, so you can efficiently function similar contents on your big tv screen or projector. The only required condition is to stay in the same room.

Screen mirroring technology is a modern invention. You can easily connect your mobile phones and tablets to your laptops, tv, projector, basically the biggest screen possible at your home wirelessly. It helps not only with entertaining purposes but also for adopting new learning methods.

Screencasting Wireless Display

Screencasting works similar to screen mirroring; the only difference is that when you are screen mirroring, you can see content running on both screens while on screencasting; once the screen is connected, you won’t be able to see the content on your phone anymore.

Screen Mirroring Samsung

Galaxy series has always been easy & user-friendly, so you can expect the same goodness about it too and you can simply screen mirror your android phone with Samsung TV. So, let’s see how we can do screen mirroring; Android to Samsung tv.

  1. Open your smart tv and android phone; once your tv is on, swipe down the notification bar in your android and expand it further by swiping down again.
  2. Swipe left to reach the smart view button, tap the smart view button and select your tv name from the list.
  3. A pop-up dialog box will appear on TV; confirm the connection by allowing it. (You can also enter button in your remote control)
  4. Now you will be able to see all the data mirrored on your tv screen.

But is it possible to use Apple and Samsung, devices of two far known competitors together? Let’s disclose the secret ahead.

Screen mirroring to Samsung tv from iPhone

Back in time, if you wanted to do screen mirroring from your iPhone or iPad, you had to buy an apple tv device to connect, and you know how costly it can be, but today as we conquered over technology, we can easily connect Samsung tv with your iPhone without any additional device.

  1. The first thing you have to make sure of is that the WIFI connection on smart tv and iPhone should be the same.
  2. Go to the settings, then click on the general tab where you will find the Apple Airplay setting tab.
  3. Click on the Apple Airplay setting tab, verify that your Airplay is on. (You can change the required code setting according to your will)
  4. Take your iPhone, swipe up and click on the screen mirroring option.
  5. Once your iPhone searches the nearest available device, click on the name of your tv.
  6. Now tv screen will show the passcode; insert that passcode in your iPhone.
  7. After all these simple steps, your iPhone is connected to your Samsung tv.

So, yes, we can clearly work jointly with these two big names but with the help of the Apple Airplay.

Screen Mirroring with Apple Airplay

Apple’s Airplay is a fun feature that allows you to share audio, video, images and much more from your iPad or iPhone screens to smart TV’s, your favoured speakers and much more. We can say that with the help of Apple Airplay, now you can watch your favourite Netflix series with the screen of your choice and still control it through your phone.


Why can’t I cast to my Samsung Smart TV?

Tv cast to Samsung can be a problem for some people. All you have to do is remember the key points,

  • Casting for Samsung tv requires smart things app, which is available for iOS and Android, both.
  • Secondly, you must scan that your tv screen and mobile both are connected to the same WIFI network.
  • Try to keep the connected smart phone in nearest possible range.



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