Samsung TV Hard Reset

Samsung Smart TV is a platform that incorporates Internet and online services into televisions and set-top boxes, as well as a method for technology to link televisions and other devices such as PCs, cellphones, and tablets.

How to factory reset Samsung TV

Is your Samsung TV stuck or freezing and you can’t watch your favorite shows on it? To resolve this tense situation, follow these simple 5 steps:

Step 1 – Press the home button on the remote:

It has an icon that looks like a house. This brings up the main menu on your television.

Step 2 – Select the settings icon:

It features a gear icon as its icon. It’s the option on the main menu bar that’s farthest to the left. To go all the way to the Settings icon, press the left side of the circle button. Then, inside the circle, press the round button to access the Settings menu.

Step 3 – Select support:

 It’s option number five on the menu. It’s next to a cloud-like icon with a “?” in the middle. To navigate down, press the bottom of the circle button until you see “Support.” Then, using the round button, select “Support.”

Step 4 – Select Device care:

It’s the second option under the Support tab. The TV will perform a quick diagnostic and then report its condition. Then, at the bottom of the screen, it will display four options.

Step 5 – Select Self Diagnosis:

 It’s the second option in the middle of the screen at the bottom. To get to the bottom, press the large circle button. Then, to navigate right, press the right side of the large circle button. When “Self Diagnosis” is highlighted, select it by pressing the round button in the center of the circle button.

You must also do the same if you want to get rid of a difficult-to-resolve problem or if you want to sell it. However, before you do so, keep in mind that all of your customized settings will be lost. You will lose all of your recordings, tuned channels, and installed applications.

So, before proceeding to perform a hard reset, you must first attempt to resolve the issue with a soft reset. If the soft reset does not work properly, you can proceed to the hard reset.

Methods for soft and hard resetting a Samsung television

When your smart TV becomes stuck or frozen, a soft reset will restore its functionality. However, if the problem is serious, you may need to perform a hard reset:

  1. Soft reset:

  • Keep the television remote in your hand.
  • Hold down the ‘Power’ button for two seconds.
  • Allow a minute for the operation to finish.
  • Hold down the power button for a second time.
  • Your Samsung TV will surely be activated as a result of this.
  1. Hard reset:

  • First, turn on your television.
  • 2-Then, press the ‘Menu’ button and choose ‘Support.’
  • 3-Finally, press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • 4-On the next screen, select ‘Self Diagnosis’ and press ‘Enter.’
  • 5-Select ‘Reset’ and then press ‘Enter.’
  • 6-At this point, you must enter the ‘Security PIN.’
  • 7-To proceed, you must enter the Pin, which is usually 0000.
  • 8-If you have already changed the PIN, enter the new PIN.
  • 9-A warning message will now appear on your screen.
  • 10-Tap ‘Yes’ to confirm your action, and your television will restart.

How do you reset a Samsung smart TV Plus if you don’t have a remote?

To reset a TV without a remote, disconnect the power cable and then find and simultaneously push the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons on the TV. You must reconnect the cord without leaving these buttons. When you do this, you will be taken to the reset screen, where you must follow some instructions.

Reset the Samsung smart TV’s black screen

If you are constantly seeing a black screen on your TV and are unable to watch any shows, you may try the following troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problem:

Method 1- Verify the power connectivity:

Users will encounter this issue if the power connecting cable is loose or not properly plugged in. To avoid this situation, ensure that all of the cables are properly connected.

  • Method 2- Cross check the sources:

Ascertain that your channel service providing box is not the source of the problem. If you’re watching a DVD, make sure the player is in good working order.

  • Method 3- Reset your TV:

  1. Follow these steps to reset your Samsung TV:
  2. Use your remote to navigate to the ‘Menu’ section.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ and press ‘Enter’.
  4. After that, go to Support> Enter > Self Diagnosis> Enter.
  5. Select Reset> Enter now.
  6. Enter the Security PIN and press ‘Enter’.

If this doesn’t work, you can try updating the firmware on your TV, disabling/enabling the Sleep mode, or contacting technical support.

How can I restore my Samsung television to factory settings?

This will show you how to restore your Samsung television to factory settings.

Step 1 – Open the menu:

On the remote, press the menu button. This button is distinguished by the word menu or a symbol resembling a home.

Step 2 – Open Support:

 Select the Support option and press the enter key. The enter button is the one in the center of the arrow buttons.

Step 3 – Open Self Diagnosis:

Choose Self Diagnosis and hit the enter key.

Step 4 – Select Reset:

Select Reset and then press the Enter key.

Step 5 – Enter your PIN code if necessary:

If you’ve already protected your television, it will now prompt you for a PIN number. Enter your security code and hit the enter key. You can skip this step if your television does not require a PIN number.

Step 6 – Confirm the Reset:

The television will now prompt you to confirm that you wish to reset all of the settings. Choose Confirm.

You are done.



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