Microsoft Windows 11: All the Features and Updates

There are many questions in everyone’s mind regarding the new Microsoft Windows 11. People are wondering about its new features or whether they should switch from their current OS? It’s already been six years since Windows 10 came out, so everyone is pretty comfortable using it. No matter how efficient Windows 10 was, it does not hold a candle against any new Windows 11 features.

Windows 11 shares its foundation with Windows 10, so using it will not be difficult for anyone. Microsoft focused on giving you an efficient and easy-to-use OS that comes with all features that organizations need for business, so you are going to see an update on your office computers pretty soon. What Microsoft has basically done here is that they gave you enhanced end-user productivity without making anything complex.

What’s new about Windows 11?

Although the Windows update came out in October, there are no problems with it, and all users are enjoying it. Compared to Windows 10, this OS carries a buck load of new and improved features. On top of that, the whole layout and design are attractive with additional security and privacy settings.

The most significant update in Windows 11 would be its new apps download and run feature.             There are many other cool features to discuss in the new Microsoft Windows 11. But if you want to categorize them, then Windows 11 revolves around five major improved features.

Customization Experience

One of the new features in Windows 11 is the snap layout feature. It gives you a better transition from the monitor to the laptop screen. You can customize the size of the apps you frequently use on your desktop with this feature. Not only that, you can position apps in different groups so you can multitask efficiently. All you have to do is hover the mouse pointer on the minimize or maximize button and change the snap group if you want to use another app.

Do you know how you can access desktop gadgets in Windows Vista? Well, that feature is back in the new Windows 11, where you can add widgets to the taskbar to open the calendar or check the weather. You can also unpin any default apps from the Start menu now.

Subsystem Android Apps

Android is advancing at a fast pace, and once in a while, there is some android app that you got to have on your computer as well. But you have to go through a lot of trouble to use them on your computer. Windows 11 is making things easier for you by integrating android apps into the OS itself. It means no more 3rd party apps are needed to download and run android apps. Just go to amazon and get whatever app you need.

Microsoft is giving a lot of exciting features in Windows 11, including the Windows interface. You don’t have to buy an apple product if you like a clean Mac-like interface because Windows 11 comes with a clean, centered taskbar and rounded cornered interface.

Improved Apps and Virtual desktop

As you know, Windows 11 shares the same foundation as Windows 10, so you will be able to use any of the previous apps you were using in your previous OS. Not only that, you get a bunch of improved apps with lots of new features, such as Microsoft Teams. With its recent update, you can access Teams using android, Mac, or any other Windows. It is now placed at the taskbar, so you can easily access it. It makes it easier for lots of people to use Teams.

One of the new features allows you to set up a virtual desktop. Mac has been using this feature for some time now, but it is the first for a Windows OS. All you have to do is use the Azure virtual desktop app. You can move from one virtual screen to another for gaming, work, or studying. You can also use different wallpapers for different virtual desktops.

Security and Privacy

Most of the security features like windows security and defender run on the same foundation as Windows 10, so there are few security updates. The interface is now straightforward to use, and you can access and virus and threat protection and get efficient results. But some features might take some time to understand if you are browsing through the Security settings.

Instead of doing that, go to baselines and get a read on all the features you can use for privacy and security. You can protect your accounts with pins and biometric locks. There is also a new feature, Hello for Business. It only allows you to log in to your account from the system locally, so all of your data is safe.

Gaming Features and Deployment

If you like gaming on your PC, you will need an efficient OS with gaming features like consoles. Windows 11 comes with Direct Storage and HDR graphics for running games at a high FPS. You don’t have to install third-party apps to improve your gaming experience with Windows 11.

You can install Windows 11 on your system easily because the method is not different from Windows 10. Not only that, if you have a new design with a Windows 10, then the chances are that you can update your current OS to Windows 11 as you do with other updates.

When Should I Upgrade?

If you are impressed by these features, you can upgrade your OS right now because Windows 11 is already on the market. Windows 11 is better than the previous Windows 10 in all aspects. Microsoft has pretty much fixed and improved anything they can in the last 6 six years, presenting you with a complete and easy-to-use OS.

If you think that Windows 10 is a good OS, then Windows 11 will blow your mind. Those with older devices might have to wait for some time before the definitive version for their system comes out; if not, you can update anytime.

Before you try to update to Windows 11, make sure to check if your system is eligible or not. It would help if you had a compatible 64-bit dual or more cores processor with four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. You need a graphic card compatible with DirectX 12 with a Trusted Platform Module. Make sure your system has a resolution of 720p or higher.

Final Words

This concludes our list of all of the new features you are going to see in Windows 11. Suppose you compare this new OS with the previous Windows 10, then you can easily pick out a winner. Windows 11 comes with an improved interface and gives you lots of new features for business and gaming. The best part about it is that the interface is easy to use and most of the features you are going to be using are the same as they were in Windows 10. You can easily update your OS, and if you need any android apps, you can get them from the Amazon store.


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