Is your drive locked where the Windows is installed?

Sometimes your Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 can run in some errors and become unbootable. In most cases, users choose to refresh the PC and if the problem persists, they choose to reset it. This step can help to restore the computer and make it work without deleting any of your personal files. But sometimes when you the drive where the window is installed becomes locked and it will show you the following message.

Solutions to unlock your drive where the window is installed
Using Bootrec.exe Tool to fix boot related files
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Using CHKDSK.exe to fix disk errors

Solutions to fix Windows Drive Locked.

The following are some solutions to help you unlock your drive without damaging or deleting any of your personal data. Choosing to reset or refresh your PC as an option to fix your window is not a good solution as you might lose your data. So, if you have personal data that you want to save then use our following methods to fix the problem.

If you do not have personal data on the PC, then you can go for resetting your PC or install a fresh copy of Windows altogether.

Repair your drive using a window disc.

Window discs have a feature known as repairing your computer and they can fix the problems that your computer is facing. With the help of the disc, you can make your PC bootable again without refreshing or resetting your PC. The following are steps that are included in this process.

Step 1:

Make an installation disc either by using USB or CD/DVD. Make sure you use the same installation disc which is the same version of your computer. If you use a different version installation disc to repair your computer, the fix will not work.

Step 2:

Now connect the installation disc to your PC and boot it and you will get the following window.

Step 3:

Now select your language, time, and keyboard input method click continue.

Step 4:

Now select the option “Repair your computer”. Do not choose the option “Install now” because it will delete the previous version of your windows and install a new one and you can lose your personal data.

Step 5:

In this step select “Troubleshoot” and then select “Advanced options”. Now select “Startup repair” to fix the issue that prevents your window from successfully booting including unlocking your hard drive.

After clicking on the Startup repair, Your PC will restart and will open the following window. This step can take a long time depending upon your PC’s hardware. After this step is complete, the PC will restart again, and it will boot up normally.

In most cases, this process will unlock your window containing a hard drive and your window will be fixed. But if your issue is not fixed by this process then we can try another way that will fix your window.

Using Bootrec.exe Tool to fix Windows Drive Locked.

Bootrec.exe is a built-in window tool that can solve start-up issues and it can repair a number of things such as Master boot record and Boot configuration Data. This method is very popular in fixing the “Drive in which window is installed is locked” issue. This process includes the following steps.

Step 1:

Insert the bootable drive in your PC and then boot from the device.

Step 2:

Select your language and time and click on the next.

Step 3:

Now press “shift+F10”. This will open a command prompt.

Step 4:

In the command prompt, type bootrec.exe. This will launch your Bootrec.exe tool.

Step 5:

The following are some commands that you have to type in step by step, and press enters after typing each command.




To help you more the following is the picture of the whole process.

If you have entered all the commands correctly, this will give a message “operation completed successfully”.

Step 6:

Now quit the command prompt window and try restarting your computer. All the boot values will be changed back to default and your PC will successfully boot.

This step does not guarantee to fix the solution and some people can still face the issue after completing the first two methods. If you are still facing the issue, then we have another solution for you.

Using CHKDSK.exe to fix Windows Drive Locked.

Like Bootrec.exe, CHKDSK.exe is also a built-in window utility and fixes the problems caused by bad disk sectors, system errors, directory errors, and lost file clusters. This tool will examine your complete disk and correct many types of errors on NTFS and FAT32 or FAT16 drives.

The following is the complete list of steps that you need to follow in this method.

Step 1:

Insert the bootable disc and boot it and go to repair your window option.

Step 2:

Click on “Repair your computer” and then click on “Troubleshoot”. Now select “Advanced options”. In the advance option window choose “Command prompt”.

Step 3:

Type the following command.

Cgkdsk C:/R or chkdsk C:/F

Now press enter to execute the command and wait for the command to successfully execute.

Step 4:

Now type “Exit” and leave the command prompt and restart your computer. This method fixes all the disk-related errors, and you will successfully boot in your windows.


The drive where the window is locked is a relatively common issue faced by many people, but they do not know how to fix these issues. All the above-mentioned steps are very simple and easy to understand, and people who will not face any kind of difficulty will try one of our above-mentioned methods.

In most cases, people use refreshing or resetting the PC to fix the issue but by doing so they put all their data at risk and there is a chance that it might not solve the issue. So, if you are facing the issue of “the drive where the window is locked” then using the above-mentioned steps can help you fix the issue.


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