Everybody experiences slower computer speeds at one time in their computing life. Yes, I can understand this is headbanging, frustrating, and throw the laptop out of the windows situation. I have been a victim of this many times. However, after my few bad experiences, I have figured out the primary reason for slow computers and the best possible solutions to such situations.

What makes a computer fast?

Bus Speed
Hard Drive
Graphics Processing Unit
Operating System

There are many components in a computer that contribute to speed and performance. There can be both software and hardware issues. Today, we will discuss the main hardware components and some software considerations contributing to the speed and computer’s performance.

1. Processor

The big boss, Central Processing Unit (CPU), is mainly responsible for the fast speed. How fast a processor can execute is called clock speed. Since it reads and executes the program instructions, the faster it can do this, the faster the computer.

What processor is the best for a faster computer? This is a challenging question to answer because everyone may have a different budget and different requirements. We mentioned budget because processor eats up a significant portion of the total cost of your computer. Generally, if you are using it for general day-to-day tasks like browsing, emails, shopping, etc., then a dual-core CPU will work. However, advanced users like graphic designers, animation experts, and game enthusiasts may want to invest more into a processor with many cores to withstand their usage.

2. Memory

Also, called Random Access Memory (RAM), stores the operational data. This working memory stores the work-in-process data. If the storage runs out, it has to send some data back till it is needed again. So a bigger RAM means it can store more data, and this extra step of shuttling data is not required. If you want to run many programs simultaneously, a higher RAM spec is what you need.

3. Cache

It is also a kind of memory but the fastest kind. So, what is stored here? It keeps the data that needs to be transferred between CPU, RAM, and other components of computers. Since it is a fast memory type, the data here can be grabbed rapidly, thus speeding up your computer function. You can even build up different levels of cache to make your computer fast.

4. Bus Speed

What is the reason for having a lot of money if it cannot reach you because of distance? Similarly, there is no use in having high-speed and high-storage memory if it cannot be accessed because of slow communication channels? Bus speed is the speed at which your data can be sent between components of the computer. The faster the data can commute, the faster your computer will be. It is measured in MegaHertz.

If a computer has slow bus speed, the processor will have to wait for instructions, and thus it kills the purpose of having a faster CPU even.

5. Hard Drive

The hard drive is also a significant component contributing to the fast speed of a computer. Hard drives come in different types. HDD, hard disk drives are typical hard drives that have moving parts. Now, modern SDDs, solid-state drives, use silicon chips that can be written, erased, and re-written with electricity. Hence, SSDs are faster than HDDs.

6. Graphics Processing Unit

Graphics Processing Unit or the Video card also plays a vital role in the speed of the computer. It is an electronics circuit to process images and the output of display devices. Since graphics are both memory and processing power eaters, they are dealt with in a separate circuit.

If you are big on graphics and images, for example, games, graphics and animation designs, etc., it is recommended to use a separate discrete graphics card to take off some burden from the primary GPU. Since a discreet graphic card may also have a separate RAM, it can speed up your computer substantially.

7. Operating System

While we have been dealing with hardware till yet, here we must mention some essential software components that can make a computer fast or slow, for that matter. An operating system is necessary for any computer because it communicates between the user and the hardware.

As the new technologies in both software and hardware systems are introduced, you need to upgrade your operating system to deal with it. While new operating systems like Windows 10 keep getting updated patches, the older operating systems are not supported for a very long time. Therefore, the latest operating system is also critical to make a computer fast.

8. Software

the software will eventually use the computer system components like memory, cache, hard disk, and the processor to get your work done. If it contains bugs or is not efficient, then your computer will be wasting its resources. It is always recommended to use software that has efficiently used the resources like memory and processing power and is robust. Sometimes a software crashes and dooms the complete system. Making the right choices is essential here.

Speed, efficiency, and security are essential aspects of any software, including your operating system, games, browser, or any other.

We can conclude here that no one component can make a computer fast or slow. It is a band where every performer has to put in the best to make a great outcome. It would help if you came up with an optimum combination of all these components according to your requirements and budget to make your computer fast.

Maintenance is another aspect of computer speed. Suppose you have a good RAM, but it is filled with unused programs and junk; it won’t perform. Defragmentation of disk and cleanup of the system is also critical for the best performance of your computer. Similarly, you have to be aware of bottlenecks. A high-speed SSD will not be any better than the HDD if the bus speed does not correspond. So, a well-made complete package is the ultimate goal that can make your computer fast.


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