We all have important data saved in our android smartphones, and if it gets hacked, we can be in real trouble. What if you don’t know how to Fix a Hacked Android Phone?

That’s why the security of our smartphones is very important. We are hearing about many cases these days, where hackers are getting their hands on people’s sensitive information such as credit card details, personal pictures, and videos and trying to harm them.

Every one of us needs to know from where a hacker can attack our android smartphone, and if our android phone gets hacked, what should we do then. So, let’s talk about this.

How can your Android phone get hacked?
How to know if your Android Phone is hacked?
Steps you can take to fix your hacked Android Phone.

How can your Android phone get hacked?

First of all, we should know what are the different ways in which our android phone can get hacked. Following are some ways in which hackers try to hack our android phone.

Phishing emails.

Often hackers send different emails with links, directing to their sites, to the people whose phone they want to hack. In those emails, they persuade the receiver to open the link in different ways, and when the receiver opens those links, his phone gets hacked.

Malicious links on social media.

We all see different ads on social media. These ads are sometimes posted by hackers. Whenever someone clicks on such ads, these ads redirect them to the site of the hacker, and the hacker gets in a position to hack the device from which that link is opened.

Connecting to your WIFI connection.

Sometimes hackers, somehow, get connected to your WIFI connection and, then all the phones or devices, which are using the same connection, can be easily hacked.

SMS scams.

I don’t think there would be any person who hasn’t got these scam messages. In such messages, the receiver is tricked in different ways and asked to send them personal information and later use this information to harm them.

How to know if your Android Phone is hacked?

To know if your android phone is hacked or not, you can check and follow the given steps.

  • See if your phone is using more battery than usual. It means you will have to charge your android phone more frequently.
  • See if your android smart is started to work slowly. You can check this by using multiple apps at the same time and see if the phone is lagging.
  • If your phone is hacked, you will see different and unusual pops on your screen while using a different application.
  • Sometimes you will find some apps installed on your android phone, which you didn’t install. If this is the case, it means your phone is operating someone else.
  • There are chances that hackers will use your sim card to make the call and send SMS. So, in the log, you will find the history of calls or SMS you haven’t made or send respectively.
  • When hackers hack someone’s phone, they will try to steal his access to other accounts. So, you will be getting notifications of password resetting, new logins, and signups.

Steps you can take to fix a android phone.

Now, if you have confirmed that your android phone is hacked and you are 100 % sure, you will need to do the following steps to cut off the access hackers have to your android phone.

1. Turning on android safe mode.

The first you should do is to turn the android safe mode on. What it is going to do is to uninstall all the newly installed and unrecognized applications from your phone instantly. This can help you to save your android phone from malicious software applications.

2. Run some good antivirus.

The second most important step, which will also prove to be very effective, is to run some good antivirus software. It will help you to identify all the malware and virus hacker has left in your android device. You can select any antivirus of your choice, but it should be effective.

3. Reset all your passwords.

When your phone gets hacked, chances are there that hacker has now access to all your passwords of social media accounts, email accounts. So, you must change all your passwords without any delay to prevent any harm.

4. Factory reset your android device.

The best thing to do after the above steps is to factory reset your phone. In this way, whatever type of access is hacker has to your phone, he will lose it. but keep in mind that you will lose all your data on your device after resetting. You can create a backup and do the resetting processing after that.

5. Get a new sim card to fix an android phone.

Sometimes hackers managed to get their hands-on clone of our sims and use them to do crimes. So, if you see any unusual activity happing, such as calls and SMS you haven’t made or send, you should tell your sim provider about this and get yourself a new sim, and block the previous one.

Final words.

These days, a hacked phone can get you in more trouble than any other thing. We all know how sensitive data we have saved in our smartphones. So, no one wants to have a breach his personal data. To prevent that, you must know how to handle such situations. Above we have discussed all the important points about how to fix a hacked Android phone. Keep those steps in mind and be safe.


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