The iPhone has quickly become a hot seller thanks to its innovative features that help you make the most of your mobile device. With the new iPhone 12, you can enjoy even more from your phone. As a result, many people are wondering about the iPhone 12 camera tips.

As of now, with Apple’s iOS 14 available for public beta testing, we know about the capabilities of the new iPhone and all other devices that are compatible with this update.

“The new iPhone models are slated for release in the fall, but when exactly they’ll launch during the season is still unknown.”

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced Apple to close its U.S. retail stores, although some are now reopening, but with some restrictions. Suppliers in China have also closed or are running at a limited capacity, affecting stock in September and affecting sales.

Despite such glitches, rumors continue to circulate around the iPhone 12 and will presumably continue until the official launch. In addition to the possible introduction of a 3D sensor for the primary camera and new screen sizes, there have been speculations that Apple will belatedly include 5G support in the iPhone, which will increase the device’s competitiveness.

It is a genuinely significant update as its main competitor Samsung has launched several 5G phones this year, including the high-end Galaxy S20 phones and the more budget Galaxy A series.

iPhone 12 design: similar (or not) to iPhone 11

Every other year, Apple typically makes noticeable exterior changes to its iPhone to freshen up its design, much to the delight of expecting buyers. Unfortunately, the only possible difference is that the edges of the iPhone 12 will be slightly curved.

  • On the other hand, Apple also plans to completely redesign the flat-edged iPhone (similar to the iPad).

It could provoke what Wedbush analyst Dan Ives called “the perfect demand storm” that will boost sales and lead to a “super-cycle” for Apple.

How much Improve iPhone 12 Camera?

This camera is extremely versatile and allows you to take great pictures at almost any point in time. You can take good photos with the flash off and still take some beautiful shots without the flash. Some people even find that the auto shutter and the flash do not affect them enough. To leave it off so that they can take better photos without the flash.

One of the best features of the new iPhone 12 camera is the fact that it is waterproof. I have been using this camera for almost a month now and have had no problems with it when hiking around in the woods. It has taken some really awesome pictures underwater and been dropped on a few times as well.

Waterproof cameras are usually prone to falling out of the water. I love this feature, as I love to enjoy my adventures on the lake or river and enjoy going to the pool or swimming pool. I never want to take the chance with my family and lose my pictures.

Don’t hesitate to take some underwater pictures. I know that you will be surprised how much fun you can have with these pictures, and the images you take underwater will really blow you away.

iPhone 12 may not come with headphones or a power adapter

According to one of the most unpopular rumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple might not include its wired Air Pod headphones in the iPhone 12 box. That would be a step towards encouraging people to buy wireless Air Pods.

Apple has included Air Pods since the iPhone5 was released in 2012, so this change will be quite noticeable.

The analyst suggests that the iPhone 12 will also ship without a power adapter. The reason is mostly cost – by moving away from this, Apple can reduce the cost of loading the phone with 5G components. It would also help reduce shipping costs by reducing the size of the package.

The iPhone 12 Pro is rumored to feature a deep blue color

Last year, Apple introduced Midnight-Green on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. This color option sold really well despite controversial expectations.

This year, according to developer XDA, Apple may release another new variant – the iPhone 12 Pro in dark blue.

It would be trending as blue is also Pantone’s choice for the new year (“classic blue”), and Shutterstock has included “phantom blue” in its 2020 color prediction.

iPhone 12 Connected to 5G?

Several rumors claim that Apple will include 5G connectivity this year. More specifically, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the company will unveil three 5G phones, and Fast Company said Apple could use its own proprietary 5G antennas.

  • There are uncountable reasons why the company did not support the trend in 2019. Foremost here is that Apple usually does not strive to be at the forefront of mobile trends, preferring to improve new technologies before committing to them. For example, it lagged behind its competitors in 3G and 4G LTE phones when those networks first began.

The second reason is that Apple has interrupted its collaboration with the leading 5G modem vendor, Qualcomm, and the stumbling block has been a dispute over Qualcomm’s licensing fees. Each of the companies resolved their litigation issues in April 2019, after which they struck a multi-year 5G chip deal.

The consequence of this situation was that Apple’s former partner in 5G modems, Intel, finally left the 5G phone modem business. After a while, Apple became the Intel smartphone modem business owner, paying $ 1 billion for this.

Apple is still partnering with Qualcomm, but last year, 5G phones’ launch came late compared to competitors that had already launched 5G models, such as the Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 5G, and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.

iPhone 12 camera may have a 3D sensor

Since the iPhone X, all subsequent iPhones have been equipped with front-facing cameras with a 3D depth sensor. This feature, called Face ID, scans your face to unlock your phone and authorize digital payments.

There is a version that Apple can take it up a notch and introduce the same system into the phone’s primary camera. In August 2019, CNET’s Vanessa Orellana reported:

“Apple analyst Min Chi Kuo (via MacRumors and 9to5Mac) said he expects two 2020 iPhones to feature a new time-of-flight camera lens on the back of the device.

  • The setup will be the same as the one already on the current True Depth camera system, which is used for face recognition on the front of the phone, with the only difference being that it will use a slightly different type of technology that will be able to display 3D objects in the distance.

Of course, this will have a very beneficial effect on the operation of augmented reality applications, and will definitely improve certain camera functions, for example, portrait mode. ”

It is unclear how many new iPhones will be equipped with this feature, if any at all.


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