One of the greatest things wherein Android phones is that they have a far-reaching app ecosystem that grants access to many applications. As soon as you start Google Play, you get immediate access to thousands of apps. Some of them may be paid, however, most of them are free. You can install a new app for some specific work. However, the practice of using these apps isn’t ever a smooth one.


Your desired app is able of freezing at any time, called crashing. It doesn’t mean what brand of Android device you’re using. Every Android user has encountered an app crashing. If you have the same problem, where apps keep stopping on your Android device, there are different types of fixes that you can try.

Why App has stopped or crashed on Android phones?

Before jumping into the fixes to apps stopping, it is necessary to first learn the reason for the app stopping and crashing. Seldom, an app commonly becomes unresponsive or crashes completely, because you haven’t updated it to the latest version. If the app utilizes the internet, then a weak internet connection may provoke it to function badly.

It may further be that your Android phone has gone out of storage space, prompting the app to run inadequately. In that state, you may have to clean the cache on the app daily to give it a lift. Seldom, an app stops because it has been defectively built; in that state, the blame lies on the developer.

Fixing the Issue

Because there are various causes why an app can stop or crash, there are similarly various ways you can fix the error. Here are the 5 tips to fix your problem:

  • Restarting the Phone
  • Updating the App
  • Getting a good internet connection
  • Clearing cache and data of your app
  • Wiping the cache partition

1)  Restarting the Phone

This should be your primary option. Restart your Android phone or tablet. If your phone is ON for a long time, there are too many processes running at the same time, that’s why your apps might be stopped working or crashed.


In that state, restarting your Android phone will make it run more smoothly and more functional. In case restarting your Android phone does not fix, consider other tips.

1)  Updating the App

Many of the smartphone apps offer updates one after another. These updates fix the bugs in the previous version of the app. So, double-check if you’re using the old version of the app and try updating to the latest one.

It will fix the freezing or crashing of your app and that is why updating the apps is always recommended.

2)  Getting a Good Internet Connection

Sometimes you use the app which uses internet connection to perform a specific operation e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, or any online gaming application. In case, if your internet connection is too slow, the app does not work properly and tend to freeze or becomes choppy.

A poor internet connection is sometimes the reason for stopping or crashing the apps. This happens because only in the case if the app isn’t coded properly. The poor coding allows the app to work properly only when you have a stable internet connection.

Try connecting to a different internet connection. For example, if you’re using home WiFi where all of the family members are connected, the speed of the internet is divided equally to each of the users. That’s the reason your internet becomes unstable. Hence, switch off your WiFi connection and switch to 3G or 4G services. Close the apps while switching your internet connections.

You can also try restarting your WiFi router and smartphone to fix the problem.

3)  Clearing cache and data of your app

It doesn’t matter how many apps are installed on your Android phone. You always prefer some apps to use regularly. These apps are called your favorite apps.

Whenever you use your favorite apps, the cache is loaded, and that causes your app to stop, freeze, or crash entirely. Most of these apps are of social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can fix this problem in two as follows:

a)    First of all, clear cache the app which tends to be stopped working

Deleting apps’ cache can refresh your app just like a new one. Follow the following steps to clear the cache:

Step 1: Go to your Android phone settings.


Step 2: Scroll and find “Apps” or “Apps Manager” inside the settings and tap on it.


Step 3: Find your app which tends to be stopped or crashed. Tap on this app.


Step 4: Tap on the button named “clear cache”.


[NOTE: In case, if you don’t find such a button, see if there is any label that exists with “Manage Storage”. Tap on it and then you would find the “clear cache” button.]

Step 5: After clearing the cache, tap on the “Force Stop” button. That’s it.


a)    Clear the Data

In case you’ve cleared the cash, and the app is still not working properly, the best way to fix is to wipe the application data. Here is how you can do this:

Step 1: Follow steps in “a” to find your application.

Step 2: Find the “Clear Data” button and simply tap on it.


Step 3: After clearing data of the app, now, tap on the “Force Stop” button.


1)  Wiping the Cache Partition

If all of the above tips don’t work at all then wiping the cache partition of your Android phone will be your final choice. Follow the following steps to perform this:

a) Switch off the phone.


b) Boot Android in recovery mode.


c) Use the volume buttons to interact with the menu in recovery and reach to Recovery Mode option and select it with the power button.

d) Select the “Wipe Cache Partition” option




In final thoughts, stopping or crashing an app is a common factor and can be fixed easily with the help of the above-mentioned tips.


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