Have you ever wondered why the loading speed of your iPhone is slow? It is not because you have a slow network or your phone is getting old. The reason might be that your iPhone is halted by a lot of unnecessary files or data of apps, which is a clear indication that you need to clear the cache. Cache represents all the random files and images that your phone has hidden in the memory. This includes passwords and browsing history that you phone stores. Instagram is an app that consumes a significant amount of space and saves data in the form of a cache.

In this article, I will tell you about the methods to get rid of the cache that the Instagram app has produced, and you will learn about the process to clear the space on your phone.
Instagram is one of the most popular apps in recent times. It is one of those apps that people have already installed on their phones, and they keep posting their images on Instagram regularly. Just like many other apps, Instagram can consume a lot of storage on your phone.

The junk files of Instagram eat up a lot of room, and the cache of the app also takes up a lot of storage. Because a mobile device has limited storage, it is essential to get rid of unnecessary cache files. Keeping this in mind, we are going to explore the best cleaners to clear the Instagram cache.

Clear Instagram Search History from Settings
Clear Instagram Search History from Search Page
Clear iPhone Instagram Cache by Uninstalling and Re-installing Instagram

Clear Instagram Search History from Settings

Clearing your browsing history is an excellent way to protect your privacy and also apparent a bit of space on your phone. It is always recommendable to clear your web browsing history regularly, and the same applies to the apps and services in use. Instagram makes cache files to store your searched items and to save your browsed hashtags. The best way is to delete your Instagram browsing history, and that will automatically cancel your Instagram cache from the iPhone. Removing the browsing history of Instagram and clearing the cache is pretty straightforward. Following is the way to do it.

⦁ Open the Instagram app on your phone and tap the profile icon
⦁ In the account option, there is a search history section. Tap on the clear history button. A message will pop up asking you to confirm. Click, yes, and you are done.
Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone-1

This method will clear the search history but doesn’t clear the entire cache. Above the search panel, there is a suggested accounts list. They are the accounts that you recently searched for or might have interacted with. If you want to clear the searched items entirely, you can manually do it.

Clear the Instagram cache on iPhone from Search Page (Search History)

The Instagram app doesn’t provide an option for you to clear the Instagram cache on the iPhone, but it does allow you to remove browsing history, which in a way is a part of deleting the cache. Following is the method to do it.
⦁ Open the Instagram app and sign in
⦁ Press the space of search at the top of the Instagram page
⦁ The search bar will show all the recent searched history
⦁ Press the clear tab, and your explored account is removedClear Instagram Cache on iPhone-2

Clear the Instagram cache on iPhone by Uninstalling and Re-installing Instagram

Some social media apps consume a lot of space on your phone. Facebook consumes 62.2 MB, but later it takes up an area of 200-300 MB. This storage gets removed with time, but when you need to free space rapidly, this isn’t of much help. The best way to delete the cache fast is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Uninstalling the Instagram app will clear the cache rapidly, and it will also erase all the documents and files of Instagram that had taken up a considerable amount of your storage.

Check out the usage page often because that would help you to find out which files need to be deleted. Do this once in a while, and you will also be able to install apps you don’t use anymore. The Instagram app consumes a lot of storage, so it’s best that you uninstall it and then reinstall it once in a while.

⦁ Go to the settings tab on your phone
⦁ Press the General settings tab and check iPhone storage
⦁ From the list click the Instagram tab and uninstall itClear Instagram Cache on iPhone-3


By using one of these solutions you can easily clear the Instagram cache on the iPhone. The choice is yours that which one of these solutions suits your needs.


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