Sharing a computer screen is not such a big problem where humans have made their access to the sky easier in this advanced age. From that, we will make you able to know how to share your computer screen in 2020, while computer screen sharing has become very important as the business evolved.

Today you talk to a man sitting at home with your loved ones away. Nowadays most of the business in the world is running such that a businessman submits himself to the computer screen and looks all about it.

We are going to introduce you to the 3 best practices in the world, through which everyone can share computer screen in 2020, named below

  • Share through Skype
  • Share through team viewer
  • Share through chrome remote desktop

Share through Skype

Skype is a very popular calling app that lets you chat with your close friends at any corner of world, after which you can chat face-to- face with them immediately. Microsoft offers classic experience between the two version either you are using a system other than Windows 10, or you don’t want to use the UWP version of Skype.

So there are some steps to share screen through skype with your loved ones.

Steps to share screen through Skype

The first thing you need to do is press the bluish icon of skype standing on the right side of the window.

If you are not already logged in, then you need to enter your email address to visit skype and password to continue.

Most important if you are using windows, you should make sure that the version of the windows that you have is updated.

On the left side of the skype window, find the recipient’s you have to talk with.

Now you can share your screen whether you make a video call or an audio call.

If someone else calls you, then press your answer button.

Press the plus button that is at the bottom of skype window

After that press share screen that also contains two other options named

Add people and show dial pad

You are now in a position to share your screen. For PCs having multiple screens. Click the Screen sharing options

At the top right of the screen, there will be a button named stop sharing screen that after pressing you can end contact with the recipient.

Share through Team Viewer:

Any device that supports team viewer software may include screen sharing team viewer. This means that you can pass information from your mobile phone to the computer desktop. Besides, you can use the screen sharing on more than one devices.

The advanced team viewer software is very smart while its other task is to compress the bandwidth of the data and monitor the activity on the screen. This software travels the information system until a change occurs.

Usage of team viewer software

  1. Windows 7/10   | Mac OSX
  2. First, you will be able by launching the application to see two things an ID and the second a password
  • You will provide ID and password to HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY (HSU) which is helping you at that time and control your screen to avoid any error.
  1. At the bottom right blue window is appeared which is indicating to whom you are connected.
  2. You can end the session at any time by clicking x

Share through chrome remote desktop:

Chrome remote desktop is an impressive source through which you can access a computer or device to control files and applications on another computer over the internet. On your computer, Chrome Remote desktop is available on the web.

You need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your mobile which you can access remotely.

  • You can open chrome on your computer
  • Type in the address bar
  • Click download through “Set up remote access
  • Download and install Chrome Remote Desktopby following the on-screen directions.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop can access your computer through the password of the computer
  • Copy and send the code to the person you want to share the screen with.
  • You will see a dialog with an e-mail address when code is entered by that person on-site and you will selectshare to access your computer fully
  • If you want to end the session then press stops sharing.


Compensation tips:

If you are experiencing problems with Chrome Remote Desktop then follow this

  1. First of all, connect to the internet through which you can share a computer.
  2. Computer network settings can be seen if the page is not working properly.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop does not work properly if Antivirus software is installed
  1. Contact your administrator if the computer is on schoolwork and must use the updated version of Chrome.


This advancement in technologies made users expert to learn how to share computer screens in 2020 and how to keep yourself in touch with your loved ones sharing screen through skype and other methods also.


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