There are various reasons why your android mobile faces data connection problems. By checking the signal of your phone and the status of your mobile data you can fix the data connection issue. Some other effective solutions include resetting your android phone network connection, resetting the sim card of your phone, and lastly doing a factory reset. Read the below guide to fix Data Connection not working on Android phones.

Part 1.Reasons Why Data Connection Problems Happen on Android
Solution 2.Reset Your Android Phone’s Network Connection
Solution 3.Remove the SIM Card and Reinsert It Back
Solution 4.Reset Your APNs
Solution 5.Set APN Protocol to iPv4/IPv6
Solution 6. Do You Have a Mobile Data Limit?
Solution 7. Turn Airplane Mode On &off
Solution 8. Factory Reset Your Android Mobile

Part 1.Reasons Why Data Connection not working on Android

There are many known and unknown reasons which can cause connection problems in the data of Android Mobile. If you want to know how to fix data connection problem on the android phone the possible reasons are described below:

⦁ The signal strength may be weak
⦁ Don’t turn off the device for long hours
⦁ The faster data speed can be achieved only with an activated LTE os
⦁ The data connection is not turned on
⦁ The data connection should not be limited to a certain amount
⦁ If the sim card is misplaced or in poor condition you will frequently have problems

Part 2.Solutions to Fix Data Connection not working in Android Mobile

Below are some of the most effective and quick tips to get rid of Android phone data not working problem. By following these steps you can simply fix the problem.

Check If You Have Turned On Your Mobile Data and the Signal Is Right

If you want to solve out data connection problem in android mobile then you have to be sure that you turn on the data on your Android phone first. You may have forgotten to turn it off. There are two possible ways to check if the data is turned on or not.Data Connection Problem on Android -1

Check the bar on top by quickly swiping the screen, and you will know if data is on or not.Data Connection Problem on Android -2

If this does not work, the next method is to check it through the settings, and if it’s not turned on, then use the Toggle button.

Reset Your Android Phone’s Network Connection if Data Connection not working

If you see that the data connection is turned on but not working, then try a network reset, which is the most effective method. As many people use the same network, it will give out glitches and data connectivity problem in android phone.

The first thing is to select the right kind of network which doesn’t have much load. If the chosen network is wrong to change it quickly while if you have got the right one, then reset the network to get better results.

If you want to reset the network do the following things:
⦁ Check the Android menu to open the settings
⦁ Right on the top of settings, you can find the connection
⦁ Plenty of connections are available so select the option of Mobile network
⦁ Next step is to click on the choice of an Access point
⦁ On the right side, three dots are seen so click the reset network and change it to the default optionData Connection Problem on Android -3

Remove and Reinsert the SIM Card to fix Data Connection not working

If you are not using the mobile phone properly, there are high chances the sim is either misplaced or not inserted correctly. Many troubleshoot errors on the network are because of this reason, so remove the Sim and reboot.Data Connection Problem on Android -4

Reset Your APNs

An access point name is the full form of APNs. The APNs are required to connect the mobile device with the chosen network service provider. It also allows various settings, including the IP on a network, so that the internet will run smoothly and solve android mobile data not working issue.

The main issue with network service providers is that it communicated with millions at the same time, so you never know something goes wrong with the internet connection service. The good news is you can change the APNs setting manually with the following steps.

⦁ Go to settings
⦁ Check the connection options
⦁ Select the feature of Mobile network
⦁ Tap on the access point option
⦁ Plenty of systems will be seen, and you can reset the setting in a goData Connection Problem on Android -5

Set APN Protocol to iPv4/IPv6

An issue with the APN protocol will hinder your access to the internet even if the data connection is enabled. All the modern mobile phones provide users with an opportunity to check if the data connection is on or not.

You have to follow the instructions to make sure if you have a device that is using the iPv4/iPv6 APN protocolData Connection Problem on Android -6


Do You Have a Mobile Data Limit?

This problem occurs if you have set a limit for mobile data. The internet will be unavailable when the data has reached the limit. Quickly check the internet settings and extend the deadline of use.

Turn Airplane Mode On &off

We all are quite aware that millions of users are consuming the internet connection at the same time, so getting network failures is quite common. If you have this issue and want to solve it, then try to turn on and off the airplane mode.

Data Connection Problem on Android -7

Factory Reset Your Android Mobile

If other options do not work, then trying Factory reset for your Android phone is the only option. Select the reset option and move to the factory reset to solve the issues relating to the data connection.Data Connection Problem on Android -8


We have discussed plenty of methods for your convenience so you can get rid of the issues relating to the data connection. We tried our best as we could, but if you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know so we can include the valuable tips in our next guide.


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