Why is My iPhone Camera not Working?

iPhone is a sign of pure perfection as this smart appliance carries unique features, various functions, gleaming designs, and modern-day technology, which are created by Apple. Despite so many facilities, many users have been giving out negative feedback regarding the Iphone’s camera. The camera is not able to provide a bright rear or view; somewhat, it will further hinder your process by showing black screen frequently. When this issue crops up, it creates a lot of problems for the users, one of those issues is “why is iPhone camera not working?”

Ordinary iPhone Camera Not Working Problems

Firstly get to know about the primary and most common problems in the front/back camera of an iPhone.
⦁ The app of the camera won’t work; it’s mostly frozen or slow
⦁ The rear camera won’t show anything
⦁ While you switch from front to back camera, the app will freeze
⦁ Some options provided for the camera won’t work, e.g. (Camera Roll, HDR, and Flash)
⦁ The camera flash will not sync with the shots taken by the user

Reasons Why iPhone Camera Not Working

⦁ The camera app is probably faulty
⦁ You have not updated the iOS correctly
⦁ iOs updates are not correct
⦁ Possibility of a bug in the software
⦁ Presence of Malware, though rare
⦁ The lens of the camera is not uncovered
⦁ Some persisting issue in the hardware

Ordinary iPhone Camera Not Working Problems
Reasons Why iPhone Camera Not Working
Tips to fix iPhone camera not working issue

Tips to fix iPhone camera not working issue

Tip 1: Close the Camera App

If you have not loaded the camera app on your phone in the correct way, then you would come across the issue of a black screen. If you want to get rid of it, close the app forcefully. Click on the home button twice and delete the app after finding the display of the camera. Restart it after a short break. This will help you solve the problem in no timeiphone Camera-1

Tip 2: Switch the Front or Back of the Camera

This tip is straightforward and beneficial if you want to get rid of the black screen issue. Many users have given their honest opinion that the rear camera does not work mostly. If the front camera does not work, switch to the front, and if the back camera does not work, switch to the front. This way, you can solve the problem in no time as its been proven many times. If this not work once, repeat the same method.Switch any camera-2

Tip 3. Switch off the “Voice-Over” Feature

You won’t believe this actually works and many users have tried it. If you happen to see black screen issues in your camera simply turn off voice over feature. Mostly problems related to iOs won’t let the camera work properly. For solving this just go to the settings in your phone and switch off this voice over. Re-start your phone again for even better results.vioce over-3

Tip 4. Remove Case from iPhone

This is the simplest and most used method to get rid of the black screen. Simply remove the case from iPhone and later observe if it works out. This has always been the most used technique to solve this issuerEMOVE CASE-4

Tip 5. Restart the iPhone

This method is commonly used to get rid of problems relating to the camera. To fix the iPhone camera not working problem, you have to reset the power cycle on your device. Press the power button on your phone till it turns off; just wait for 30 seconds to turn it on again. You need to apply this method depending on what type of iPhone you have. If you still can’t understand what you need to do with your iPhone model just check out Google for better understanding

restart Phone-5
Tip 6. Clean Camera Lens

Many times dirt can hinder the working of the iPhone 8 plus and its camera. You need to clean the dirt with a polishing cloth in order to fix the iPhone camera not working issue.clean camera lens-6

Tip 7. Upgrade iOS Version

If you have an unstable version of iOS downloaded on your iPhone, problems like the iPhone camera not working will happen frequently. For this, you need to update your phone with a proper iOs.
⦁ Unlock the phone
⦁ Swipe to the settings
⦁ General settings
⦁ Update the software

You can find the latest version of iOs right here. Just click on the download button and then install it.upgrade iphone-7


We have discussed some of the most natural methods and tools to get rid of the iPhone camera not working problem keeping in mind the protection of your data. We sincerely hope that your problem is solved after reading the article. Do share your views as we always want to improve with your suggestions.


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