iPhone is one of the known and top-selling mobile phones in the world. It has top-class camera results, You also can position your beloved songs to escort your daily sports, You can have a check on your emails, chatting with your friends and family, play games and much more in this slim and sleek gadget. It is possible that you can ever face a prompt or notification on your iPhone screen indicating that iPhone storage almost full. Let’s find how to fix this iPhone storage almost full issue on your iPhone.

Tip 1. Delete unused apps
Tip 2. Delete unwanted photos and videos
Tip 3. Move Photos to iCloud
Tip 4. Remove And Reinstall Facebook App
Tip 5. Clear Safari Cache
Tip 6. Clear the Recently Deleted folder

Tips to Help You Fix “iPhone Storage Almost Full”

Some of the tips you need to save your storage without deleting the media you need so that you won’t face the issues like My iPhone storage is full or iPhone storage almost full.

Tip 1. Delete unused apps

There’s an app for everything, right?

Fortunately putting in apps is brief and smooth nowadays, in contrast to getting again your actual-world objects thrown inside the trash.

Often instances you would possibly attempt out an app to see if it is well worth it, however, forget to delete. So undergo your private home screen and all the folder and make sure you aren’t storing completely unused apps. This is one of the most common and handy approaches to fix iPhone storage almost full problem.

You can open up the app’s information through clicking it and notice how a whole lot the app itself takes space and what kind of other facts the app has stored in your tool.

In a few cases, with a lot of greater facts, it’d also be clever to delete an app you operate regularly and deploy it again. While deleting and reinstalling apps on a bigger scale might be an excessive amount of of a trouble, you could look at apps that do it for you.

Some app makers may have covered cache deletion option in the apps but iOS through default does not have this sort of characteristic.iphone-full-storage-1

Tip 2. Delete unwanted photos and videos

If you’ve checked the iPhone garage as we cautioned above, you know who the main area hogger is (looking at you, Photos). Glaringly, wiping your complete image library smooth isn’t always an alternative, however, there are likely photographs you could cast off to fix iPhone storage almost full:

comparable shots (like the five selfies you took so that you can choose a terrific one).

Pix of whiteboards, notes, assessments, and things like that.

Screenshots you don’t want anymore.

You can go through your library and lessen these photos manually. Here’s a way to free up some difficult space with it:

Go to Notes, Blurred, and Screenshots. This is where you’ll see screenshots, images of text, and different vain stuff.

Tap Delete.

Go to Similar. Sets of comparable snapshots might be grouped and pre-selected, with high-quality image in each set final.

Review a hard and fast, choose different photos if you wish to, and tap Delete to delete decided on.

Review each set of comparable photos like that and soon sufficient your garage can be freed through some GB and become way simpler to navigate.iphone-full-storage-2

Tip 3. Move Photos to iCloud to fix iPhone storage almost full

Even after you’ve trimmed a few fat off your library, chances are Photos nonetheless hogs a lot of iPhone space. What to do? Transfer your snapshots and films in your laptop tor resolve the iPhone storage almost full issue. If you purchased a Mac the quickest manner is to attach your iPhone and sync all media files to the Mac. Then you could delete the unique ones out of your smartphone.

Moreover, you may add them to online storage like iCloud. It’s very suitable as iCloud Photo Library routinely keeps every photograph and video you take within the cloud, so that you can get entry to your media or statistics from any device, whenever you need.iphone-full-storage-3

Tip 4. Remove And Reinstall Facebook App

By deleting and re-installing your FaceBook app, you clear its cache and it could be helpful to fix iPhone storage almost full issue. The same applies to diverse apps (generally social media apps). Deleting and re-putting in those received’t delete your statistics; it’ll just clear your cache. You must be able to see an immediate increase in available storageiphone-full-storage-4

Tip 5. Clear Safari Cache tp fix iPhone storage almost full

If you typically use your iPhone to browse the web in Safari or Chrome, bear in mind that your smartphone may be storing caches and different records that you don’t need. And you’d be amazed how much area you can unfastened up just by clearing your browser cache. Let’s see how clearing safari cache can help us to fix iPhone storage almost full issue.

Here’s a way to clean Safari cache:

Go to Settings.
Find Safari.
Choose Clear History and Website Data.
If you operate Chrome observe these steps:
Open Google Chrome on your iPhone.
Tap Options > Settings.
Scroll down and tap Privacy.
Tap Clear Browsing Data.

Choose which browsing facts you want to clean (surfing records, cookies, cached pix, and documents) and faucet Clear Browsing Data.

Tip 6. Clear the Recently Deleted folder

This technique applies to you if your iPhone is running iOS eight or today’s. To test which iOS version you’re walking

Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Many folks do not know that Apple has brought a new feature called “Recently Deleted” for the reason that 2014. What does it do? It’s like a Trashcan to recycle media gadgets (pics, motion pictures) you dispose of, to prevent unintended deletion.

Different from traditional Mac Trash, the Recently Deleted folder only keeps objects for as much as 30 days before they’re robotically eliminated through iOS — though not completely, as you may retrieve them by the use of a restoration device. See this newsletter on the way to get better deleted pics from iPhone for greater. Anyway…The factor is whilst you make a decision to delete pix to loose up area, make sure to easy Recently Deleted as nicely. Yes, I understand, it takes one greater step, it really is why The Telegraph referred to as it a traumatic feature.iphone-full-storage-6


Need extra area on iPhone Mobiles? iPhone has included a reminiscence card slot for increasing the storage of their more recent variations. However, some peripherals can be used with iPhones to grow the garage capacity.

I wish you locate this manual genuinely helpful in resolving the iPhone Storage Almost Full notification, which is annoying and you can’t take new snapshots or download apps. Like I stated, in recent times iPhone garage area is top rate as it could be stuffed up lots quicker than before.


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