After the release of Windows 10 during 2015, there was an initial period during which users were given the option to make an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free using a notification prompt.

However, the initial period did not last very long and things are much different now. Nowadays, there is no technical support offered by Microsoft for Windows 7 meaning there are no software updates or security updates. This means that sooner or later, Windows 7 will become redundant. Similarly, Windows 8 will suffer a similar fate in the years to come meaning that it is best to upgrade to Windows 10 before running into issues.

Given the factors mentioned above, now would be the perfect time to get a Windows 7 upgrade and make the move to Windows 10. The initial program that offered a free upgrade from the older Windows “Windows 8 and Windows 10” was discontinued in 2016. Similarly, another method that allowed access to the latest update of Windows 10 using Assistive Technologies was ended towards the end of 2017. That being said, there are still ways for you to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free without having to pay large licensing fees or breaking any major laws. This article aims to look at the different ways that can be used to get Windows 10 for free.

Steps to get updated Windows 10 for free
Reusing an Older Windows Product key?
Other methods for purchasing Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 7

Steps to get updated Windows 10 for free

Here are some potential and basic steps that you would need to perform while getting updated Windows for free.

Step 1: Download the Windows 10 Media Creation tool

While Microsoft’s date for completing the free upgrade to Windows 10 formally ended in mid-2016, it didn’t totally forestall operating. As of late 2019, this free update still works. If you want to Upgrade Windows 7, you would like to start via downloading the Windows 10 installers. Taking this direction can mean you won’t have to be compelled to pay $139 for an install key.


To begin with, you’ll have to download the Windows 10 installer. This can be performed with the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. You’ll transfer the device by means of clicking the blue transfer button on the webpage. It shouldn’t take longer than a pair of minutes.

Step 2: Launch the installer

Once downloaded, you will need to start the installer. Then, you must agree to the terms and conditions to Upgrade the computer’s os. At that point, follow through the prompts so that Windows 10 can be downloaded on your computer. Though, there’s a lot of processing time required in the process relative to an OS like Windows 7 and Windows 8.


If you are getting rid of your Windows 7  operating system after utilizing it for a long time, you may have a large quantity of information saved in the form of files and applications. Not all this data is going to be fully compatible with the new OS i.e Windows 10: Some of these might not work anymore or may no longer have any updates available to make them compatible with Windows 10. It’s vital that you are aware of this and backups of any important data before you continue the process of installation.

Step 3: Finish installation

As the installer progresses, your Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 computer can restart a couple of times. As a part of the install, it’s going to retrieve your previous product key via your hardware throughout the setup. If your version of Windows is activated, it won’t ask for an activation key. Keep in mind, though, this won’t be the case for Windows XP or Windows Vista, as these variations of Windows are in no manner similarly certified for the free Windows 10 upgrade. You’ll, additionally, receive the similar Windows that first came in conjunction with your computer i.e one of Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, or Education. You can’t switch among them with this approach. You’ll have obtained Windows yet again to maneuver to a particular version.

Reusing an older product key?

As mentioned, the Windows 10 installer techniques can usually be utilized for your Windows 7 or 8.1 license as a result of its enhancements to Windows 10. If it can’t obtain the correct authentication on the pc, you may want to go into your product key info directly. Microsoft’s product keys routinely solely worked in the past. With Windows 8.1, product keys may also be linked with your distinctive hardware or your Microsoft Account.


Other methods for purchasing Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 7:

If you want to get Windows 10 free, you completely have to be ready to fully commit your computer to an upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft previously had a loosely regulated upgrade procedure to Windows 10. But sadly, it’s over. There have been a couple of approaches that let you upgrade Windows 7.


Free faculty model:

Microsoft provides a scholar cut price for Windows 10. Eligible students will unremarkably get the download for a concession, and instructors who work as a part of a school faculty will also be able to download Windows 10 Education for a cut fee. Check to identify in case your school qualifies and find out ways in which to get Windows 10 free on Microsoft’s coaching portal. If you just graduated, but still need Windows 10, see if you may register alongside your graduates or previous faculty email. In some cases, you may still qualify as long as you’ll log in.

Download Windows 10 without activating it:

Technically, you’ll download Windows 10 (Not from the Microsoft App Store) from Microsoft and once installed, you will not have to activate it. This will mean that you don’t outright buy it. It is intended to be much safer than it sounds as a result of Microsoft, who has a pretty lax policy regarding imposing activation. There are limitations however, Microsoft can incessantly remind you to activate your Windows 10 anytime you go through login and sign up on your desktop. You won’t be capable of trying to do any personalization, color changes, or do any of the various other sorts of modifications to the Windows.

Purchase a third-party key for Windows 10:

Quite a few third parties sell Windows 10 activation keys for appreciably reduced rates compared to Microsoft as a method of persuading you to choose them as your activation key vendor. The trick is discovering websites and vendors that legally promote legitimate activation keys for considerable discounts to upgrade Windows 7. For example, Amazon has massive Windows 10 discounts compared to downloading directly from Microsoft. This means that it is a good idea to look at, and compare rates from various different platforms before choosing one. This can help you find windows 10 key at a lower rate compared to getting it from Microsoft itself.


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