Windows 10 is the latest and most used Operating System launched by Microsoft. But sometimes it gets stuck and shows no login screen due to some unwanted and insecure access. If your Windows 10 is stuck on the login screen, it’s a bit of a problem for you.

Without the login screen, your computer is probably useless because you cannot access it without logging in. But we are here to solve this problem. We’ll tell you how to fix Windows 10 no login screen on start-up.

The root cause of this problem is probably a malfunctioned software or incorrect boot settings.

But in this article, you’ll learn a few tricks and tips to successfully bring back your login screen on Windows 10. If you read and apply these methods carefully, you’ll get your Windows 10 login screen back safely in no time.

Windows 10 Restart
Boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode
Rebuild The Windows 10 Boot Options
Windows 10 Startup Repair

Method 1: Restart to fix Windows 10 no login screen

In most of the software error, the easiest way to rectify that is simply restarting the operating system. The wise decision here would be to restart your Windows 10 if the login screen is not showing. Before going for more complicated solutions, it would be better to try the simple one.

Windows 10 can be restarted in easy ways but if Windows 10 login screen is not showing users, you are only left with an option to do a force restart. Force or hard reset is probably not the best idea because it can make you lose your data or currently open work. But if the login screen is not available, it’s the only way to go.

To perform the forced restart, press and hold your power button and keep holding it until your computer goes completely dark. Once the PC is turned off, press the power button to restart it. When your computer restarts, Windows 10 login screen is probably there and you can continue your work.

If not, then you don’t have to panic. The rest of the methods are there so you can forward on to them.


Method 2: Boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode for Windows 10 no login screen

This method is another easy fix to counter the problem of Windows 10 with no login screen. Booting your computer into safe mode while start-up can allow you to have your login screen back.

Safe mode is a mode where Windows runs in minimum drivers and software requirements. Windows 10 boot into safe mode can fix your login screen.

Switch on your computer. When the system is booting, immediately press and hold the “Shift” button and while holding it, click the “Restart” button on your screen.

Click on the “Troubleshoot” option in the next step to open the Troubleshooter in Windows 10.

In the next step, Click on “Advanced Options” to open the respective dialogue box.

boot-windows10-in safe-mode-1

In the Advanced Options window, you will have to select the option of “Startup Settings.” Startup settings consist of critical options that permit you the control of how you want your computer to load the Windows.

boot-windows10-in safe-mode-2

For the next step, move your cursor to the “Restart” button and press the “Enter” key. Afterward, you will see some options to restart your computer. Press “4” to safely boot your computer in the Safe Mode.

boot-windows10-in safe-mode-3

Method 3: Rebuild The Windows 10 Boot Options

The above-mentioned methods will probably work out for you just fine. But if you’re still not satisfied with the result, here is an easy fix for Windows 10 no login screen. In this solution, you’ll be advised to rebuild your Windows 10 boot options.

To do that, first launch the safe mode through Command Prompt. Follow the same steps as explained in Method 2 (windows 10 boot safe mode) but in the last step, instead of pressing “4”, press “6” so that safe mode will be launched with Command Prompt.

Below are the commands which you’ll enter in Command Prompt window. Type the command as it is.

Bootrec/rebuild bcd

Press the “Enter” key after each line. Once the command is typed, restart your computer.  Press and hold the power button to force shut down the PC and then press the power button again to finally boot it.

This method might seem complicated but it has a big chance to solve your windows 10 no login screen problem. Be careful and give it a try.


Method 4: Windows Startup Repair to fix Windows 10 no login screen

The root causes of the problem of Windows 10 screen not showing is probably start-up error or malfunction. The methods that we discussed above are surely a few of the best ones and can fix your Windows login screen.

But if the problem is still intact, here is another method that is Windows 10 startup repair. If all the methods have failed, this one has to work. To repair your start-up, follow the steps given below.

Firstly, boot your computer and restart windows 10 safe mode. Yes, this method also requires you to boot your PC into the Safe Mode. And to do that, you can follow the steps given in Method 2. After booting your computer, the real process will take the start.

On your desktop screen, press the “Windows” key and go to the control panel (search it in the search bar if it’s not visible). Open the control panel once you see it.


On the control panel, look for “Power Options” and click it. You’ll see an option of “charging battery” in the Power Options.


The left panel of the current screen will let you choose the option of “Choose what the power buttons do.” Click on that option.


Now check on the “Shutdown” option. In case the Windows does not allow you to choose that option, click “Change settings currently unavailable.” That should fix it.


Once you see the next window,  the “Turn on fast startup” option would be unchecked. Click on it to check it. Once it’s done, save the changes.


Now you can exit Safe Mode and reboot your computer once again. Give it a few minutes while it boots. If you’ve followed the process correctly. You won’t be disappointed this time. Your Windows 10 login screen will show up just fine. Enter your information and continue your work.

The start-up repair method is probably the most complicated and long one, as it also includes the whole Method 2. But if you do it carefully and correctly, it will turn out the best for you.


Methods that are discussed above are all safe and probable to solve your problem of Windows 10 No Login Screen. But to make them work, you have to be extremely cautious while following the guidelines and steps.

One wrong move can cause a problem bigger than the existing one. You might also lose some or all of your data and files. But it’s all worth it if your problem gets fixed in the end.

If you are wondering about how to fix Windows 10 Login Screen not showing, we hope that the methods discussed in this article will help you.


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