Most people are familiar with the process involved in taking a screenshot whilst using the Windows operating system or the macOS. However, the process of taking a screenshot on the Chromebook is still not very well known to most people. If you are looking to learn How to capture screenshot on Chromebook, then there is no need to worry, the process isn’t a lot different compared to taking it on any other operating system. In this article, we will look to help you get familiar with the process of capturing a screenshot on the Chromebook.

Whilst the method to capture screen on Chromebook being very similar to the process of taking a screenshot on a Macbook or a laptop running on the Windows Operating system, it is still a bit unconventional. This is because the Chromebook’s keyboard does not come with a “Print Screen” button, the process is still easier than you might at first think. If you want to take a partial screenshot on Chromebook, or a complete print screen then this article will help you how to capture screenshot on Chromebook.

Capturing the Entire Screen in a Screenshot
Capturing a Portion of the Screenshot
Capturing a screenshot in Tablet mode
Other Tips and Tricks
Different screenshot tools

How to Capture the Entire Screen on Chromebook


To take a screenshot of the full screen that is being shown on display, press the Switch Window key simultaneously with the CTRL-key. The CTRL key is located in the bottom left of the keyboard on your Chromebook whilst the Switch Window key is located in the middle of the top row of keys present on the keyboard.


Once you have saved the screenshot, you will be alerted with a notification on your screen that will let you know that the screenshot has been saved on your computer. The screenshot on your Chromebook is usually saved in the “Downloads” folder on your Chromebook. It will be located in the Downloads folder with the Date and Time of the screen capture listed amongst its information. You will be able to access it offline later on from your Chromebook whenever you please after you have saved it. If you are looking to access it immediately, click on the notification to open it.

How to Capture a Portion of the Chromebook Screen


If you are looking to capture a partial screenshot on Chromebook, then that is also available as an option. For this, press the Ctrl, Switch Window, and Shift keys simultaneously. This will open up a crosshair which will allow you to drag your trackpad or mouse to highlight and select the portion of the screen that you want to capture. Once you have selected the region of the screen that you want to capture, simply release the right-click on the mouse and the screenshot will be saved to your downloads.

Capture a screenshot on Chromebook in Tablet mode

Chromebooks often come in different forms. Some of these forms do not give you access to a keyboard leaving the options given above as redundant. However, you don’t have to worry as Capturing screenshot on Chromebook whilst in tablet mode is easier than you think. Simply press the Power button on your device simultaneously with the volume down button and a screenshot of the screen will be saved to your device.


Similarly, to capture a partial screenshot on Chromebook whilst in tablet mode, simply use the Stylus to highlight the portion of the screen that you want to save.

Other Tips and Tricks to capture screenshot on Chromebook

Below are some significant tips and tricks to take a screenshot on a Chromebook.

Copying Screenshot images

Unlike in Windows, the Chromebook does not have a Print button. This means that when you want to copy a screenshot and paste it in an image editor, you can simply press the Copy to clipboard button once the screenshot appears as a notification on your screen. Afterwards, you can paste it to the destination of your choice i.e an Image Editor.


Editing a Screenshot

If you are looking to edit a screenshot after taking screenshot on Chromebook, then you can simply go to the Downloads folder on your Chromebook. From here, you can drag your mouse to the screenshot’s icon and then double-click the mouse to open the screenshot in the image viewer. Once here, click the pen icon to move to edit mode to edit your images. When you are done, click the pen icon again to finalize the edit.

Taking Screenshots with external keyboards

If you are using the Chrome OS on a desktop (i.e the Chromebox) or using and external keyboard along with your Chromebook, then the good news is that your Chromebook works similarly with an external keyboard to conventional keyboard commands. Meaning for Capturing screenshot on Chromebook on an external keyboard, simply use the CTRL + f5 command.

Different screenshot tools

In case the conventional stock tools that come with the Chromebook are not enough to meet your screenshot taking requirements, then we have mentioned a few good tools below that can greatly help you in the process of taking screenshots.



Lightshot is a great tool that can be applied in the process of taking a screenshot on Chromebook. It offers many different utilities that make it a great beginner tool for capturing screenshots. It lets you drag and drop a screenshot over whatever section of your screen that you want. You can instantly edit the screenshot and download it to your Chromebook or your cloud.


With Fireshot, you can take screenshots and then save them in various formats. It is a great tool that lets you capture screenshots and lets you send them over mail to other recipients or send them to Onenote.

Awesome Screenshot:

For those who want a larger, more robust application, Awesome Screenshot enables you to pick between screen capture and screencasting so you can also record video whenever you desire. The tool carries annotations and easy blurring options as well.


If you essentially capture screenshots of webpages, you’ll need to take a peek at SuperChrome, which combines its application with your browsing practice to let you capture a screenshot of the entire website. It also offers one-click sharing, editing options, and conversion to PDFs among other formats.


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