You are trapped in a very annoying situation if you have accidentally forgotten or lost your Dell laptop password. But you don’t need to stress over it anymore. As technologies have modified if the measures for security are increased there has been an increase in the ways to counterfeit these risks of security as well. There are multiple ways available through which you can Retrieve Lost Password in Dell in just a few minutes. We will be presenting a set of solutions in this article for unlocking a dell password without having access to your password. We will also explain how to unlock dell laptop password without the disk.

Retrieve Dell Laptop Password with Password Reset Disk
Retrieve Dell Laptop Password through Microsoft Account Password (Windows 10/8 Only)

Retrieve Dell Laptop Password with Password Reset Disk

When we are hoping to retrieve the lost password in Dell, the first solution that comes to our mind is recovering the password through resetting the windows password with the help of a password reset disk. There is a time when we are too busy with our daily life, and we are forgetful and forget passwords and pin codes. If you were cautious beforehand and you had a thought that you might forget your dell laptop password someday and have already formatted a reset disk, this method is perfect for you.

Steps to Retrieve Lost Password in Dell

Now we will discuss how the password reset disk helps in recovering your dell password, and you can do it in a few easy steps, and it is not difficult to do it at all. If you have forgotten the password for your windows reset, entering a wrong password will bring forth the option of resetting your password.


You just have to click on the tab of the reset password and the procedure for resetting will start the rest procedure. You don’t have to manually do a lot on your own because the software does the job for you. At this point insert your disk of reset password and press next

Write a new password and click Next


Select the password reset disk that has userkey.psw file and click on next.


Press Finish in order to terminate the process


Reset Dell Laptop Password without Disk

If you did not have a password reset disk set up, there are plenty of other methods by which you can reset your dell password without the use of any drive. We will now discuss how these solutions work for windows 7/8/10

Retrieve Dell Laptop Password through Microsoft Account Password (Windows 10/8 Only)

If you have a Microsoft account and you are logged into your windows 8/10 through it, then the password reset takes a few minutes. This is an easy and straightforward process, and you don’t have to be a computer professional to do that. The only thing that you require is the internet. Open your browser and look for Microsoft password reset in the search engine, and you are good to go.

Just put your windows account email address and click on next.


A window will pop up and show you multiple options for resetting your password and you can choose whether you want to receive the verification code on your email or mobile number.


You will receive an email from Microsoft where you will get the security code. Enter the code and press the next tab

Decide on a new password and enter it and you are done


A window will pop up stating that you have been successful in recovering your account.

Getting sign in your windows 8/10 is possible now. Make sure your dell laptop has internet access when you sign in to your windows account.



I am hopeful that this article must have helped you to fix your lost password problem. We have explained almost all the methods available for a windows password reset. Now you don’t have to go to a Dell outlet and pay money for repairs. You can reset your dell laptop password in a few seconds by following one of these simple methods. It is always good to set secure passwords so that you don’t forget them. But in case you have forgotten them, there are various ways to come out of the terrible situation.

You can be forgetful and forget important things like passwords and pin codes. So, you don’t have to stress over that because we have provided you with simple solutions. You can choose one of the methods given above, and you will be successful in resetting your dell laptop password. If you have any queries, leave your comment in the comment section, and we will surely answer any of your concerns.





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