If an iPhone keeps turning on and off repeatedly it’s a big sign that there is some problem in the internal hardware or software. Most of the users who have faced this issue have given their feedback regarding it. For this very reason, I decided to explain the ways you can fix it yourself without spending money. Mostly the restart issues crop up when the performance of the device is deteriorating, or it has become old. But these problems can also arise if malware or other bugs infect your device. There is also a possibility that your phone is having memory-related issues due to the download of bad apps or there is hardware damage inside. Before taking services from apple, you can try this at home, and maybe the issue gets solved. So let’s have a look at the best tips on how to fix iPhone keeps turning on and off.

Hard reset your iPhone
Check for faulty apps and delete them
Drain the iPhone battery

Tips to get rid of “iPhone keeps turning on and off” problem

If your iPhone keeps turning on and off irregularly after a minute or two, it can be very troublesome. But the problem is more severe if the phone keeps restarting and then gets stuck without being able to start. You should solve it immediately, especially if it’s happening again and again. Here are two solutions you should give a try to avoid this.

Hard reset your iPhone to fix iPhone Keeps Turning on and off

This can be useful if your phone keeps turning on and off randomly; the easy way is to restart your phone. Be sure that this is different from a normal restart process and known as a hard reset. The hard set is more efficient as it restarts the operating system and memory of the phone while protecting the data inside. If the restart issues arise in your phone because of some lousy app that has been draining your battery throughout the day, then you can do the following to solve iPhone keeps turning on and off. All the models have to be dealt with differently, but still, this method will be applicable for all:

  • iPhone 6 and other old models: You need to press the home button until it turns off, and the logo of Apple appears in front of you. Press the home button for at least 30 seconds to get quick results.
  • Iphone7and Iphone7 plus: This is a little different. You have to press the home button along with the volume button, and when it turns off, the logo of apple will appear. When both the buttons are pressed together, you will have to do it fast to get better results.
  • iPhone 8 and 8 plus X, XS, XSMAX, and XR: For this press, the volume up and down together, later press the power button to turn it off. All the models of the iPhone randomly get some issues. By pressing volume up and down, you can get rid of this minor issue and experience better performance.



Check for faulty applications and remove them

The most common reason for iPhone keeps turning on and off problem is incorrect or buggy apps downloaded on your phone. Some of the apps are not regularly updated to meet the requirements of IOS. You should quickly find out the apps which are not in use anymore and uninstall them. Any app which you once used but do no longer want to use should also be deleted. Later turn off your mobile and restart. However, even after getting rid of all the unnecessary apps, your problem persists, then there might be some other issue altogether.


Drain the iPhone battery

Some users of the iPhone have also complained that their iPhone keeps turning on and off automatically. All this could hint towards some issues you probably don’t know about. The best way is to drain the battery, and most likely, it will be able to handle the problem well.

  • The full drainage of the battery on your phone can take a few hours, but you need to be patient enough and wait till the phone shuts down automatically.
  • Put your phone to the power for a complete charge
  • When the battery is full, restart and most probably would be solved.




With these simple tips and tricks, I hope you can solve issues like the iPhone keeps turning on and off. These tips have turned out to be handy for many, hope it does the work for you as well. If you have any further queries let us know so we can help you out. These tips have turned out to be useful for a lot of people. If you have any suggestions we are always ready to improve.


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