iPhones have full menu options that you can navigate through to explore some settings and adjust operating apps. And if you are confused about what to do next home is the only option for you to press. The home buttons are designed for this purpose. Among the other button on your iPhone home button is the most used button. That is why it often breaks down or stops working. In this post, we are going to explore a scenario where the iPhone 6 home button is not working. Are you using an iPhone with a manual home button? Then this post will be useful to you. Read on to know iPhone Home Button is Not Working. We will provide you simple solutions to carry this task successfully in a few minutes.

Calibrate and restore
Clean the home button
Reboot your iPhone

General Tips to Fix iPhone Home Button is Not Working

You would never have given a thought about how essential the home button is for your iPhone until it gets broken or stops working. You don’t need to stress out. This can be fixed without any issues. The following are a few tips and methods coming from our experts, and these tips would surely help you fix your home button. If you can’t do it on your own, its time to visit a store to get it fixed. The reason for the broken home screen is probably because it has attracted dirt or has been overly used. There are times when we ignore the cleanliness, and our expensive iPhone is placed outside in our backyard, and we ignore the fact that it might get dusty and get dirt on it.

Let’s take a look at how to fix the problem of the iPhone home button, not working or if it is getting stuck and not working smoothly.

Calibrate and restore

This is the best method to make your home smooth and to make you avoid delays while using the home button. Follow the steps below to make it happen.

  • Click on any of the default apps on your phone and open it
  • Press the power button until you see the power off window pop up
  • Press the home button till you are back on your home screen
  • By doing this, the default app will close down, now check if your home button is working smoothly or not


Clean the home button

If the home button of your iPhone is stuck and not working, it is best to visit an apple store because they might give you the solution to your problem, but why waste money when you can also do it on your own. The reason for the button not working could be a minor problem. The most probable cause is dust and dirt. The iPhone Home Button is Not Working because of the excessive dirt stuck on the button. Try to clean it, and you will surely notice improvements.

To perform the cleaning task, you should use isopropyl alcohol

  • Switch off your phone and apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol with a piece of cotton
  • Remove the dirt with the cloth

Alcohol use is necessary because it helps to melt away the trash. The cotton will act as a cleanser, and your phone will be cleaned properly. Make sure to wait for 30 minutes after the cleansing process because it is not safe to switch on the iPhone when it’s wet. After you are done with the process, check whether the home button shows any improvement or not.

Reboot your iPhone

Now we will discuss the software troubleshooting of your iPhone. The button might not respond if the software is not don’t meet the way it should. If your iPhone is slow in processing the apps installed are getting crashed the reason for your broken home button could be a software problem.

The best and easiest way to fix a software issue is to switch off and switch on it again process. When you switch off your phone, all the processing, including the home button, is compelled to exit. When your iPhone is turned on again, the programs start afresh. Minor software problems are fixed by following this secure method.



There is no doubt that if your iPhone Home Button is Not Working, it will be a great inconvenience for you if you are heavily dependent on your iPhone and can’t do anything without it. However, if you follow one of the tips mentioned above, your problem could get solved without any issues.







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